Wear helmet for your family


Real reason to wear helmet – for you and your family!


Elevators Safety at workplace


Dear All,

Today’s incident:

  • Around 11.00 Am of today (27.07.2016) we were going down by using Elevators (R-1), suddenly the Elevator got stuck in between 1st– 2nd
  • There was Elevator security people helped to come out after 15mins through ladder safely.
  • Thanks to the Elevator Security people, they all came on time and help us.


Tips For Using Elevators/ in case of emergency

  • Push the ALARM button
  • COMMUNICATE with people outside
  • REMAIN in the Elevator
  • WAIT for the Elevator Technician
  • If you have phone call  to the EMERGENCY HELP NUMBER

Office Safety Tips – Safety in the Workplace


Office safety is very essential in today’s world. Not only is it essential, but it is also very important to be aware of several safety rules and regulations, as not doing so could hamper the smooth functioning of an office. Safety at the workplace involves making arrangements so as to avoid accidents. At the same time, it also involves being alert to certain hazards and having knowledge about the measures used to overcome them.

Safety in the Workplace

The best course of action for safety is to plan ahead for all kinds of emergencies. Think fire, think electric shock – absolutely anything and everything that you can think about. Make a list of all these emergencies. Based on this list, make another list of the things that you need to have at your workplace to ensure the safety of your employees. And then, install these things. It also makes sense to look at local regulations concerning office safety. These may not be comprehensive, but would provide enough guidelines to work on.
Clean It Up
Keep your working area neat and clean. Piles of papers and stacks of files combined with a tangle of wires are a disaster waiting to happen, on several fronts. A clean work space will also enable you to identify a problem, and tackle it faster and more effectively.
Security Blanket
Ensure that all your doors and windows have security locks. If you are an establishment that deals with cash on a daily basis, you may attract thieves. Install security cameras at the doors and exits. This will help record the images of thieves and such, and help the police in locating culprits.
Had a Great Fall!!!!
In order to avoid slipping and injury, it is essential to have the floors moped clean and dry. Also, the walkways and stairways should have good lighting.
Pain in the Neck!!!
Employees should make sure that their computers and keyboards are kept at a proper position to avoid eye and wrist problems, respectively.
Sharp objects like scissors, blades, paper cutters, staple pins, etc., should be kept away and at safe places, to maintain the safety of employees in the office.
Electrical / Fire Safety
Where’s the Fire?

Install fire alarms. Practice fire drills with your employees. During the practice sessions, ensure that all the employees follow the rules (such as getting low on the floor, closing the doors and windows to contain the fire, etc.). Mark all the exits with noticeable signs, so that employees know where to go to in case such an emergency occurs. Never lock these exits, but be sure to install security cameras on these doors. Better still, install fireproof furniture in the office.
Ensure that all the workstations, machines, etc., are installed properly. While installing electric equipment and appliances, ensure that the wiring and switchboards are earthed properly, so as to prevent electric shocks. It is recommended to keep all the wires and cords off the floor, so as to prevent injuries caused due to tripping.
Water and electricity should never be very close to each other. Also note that, the electric plugs at cubicles should be away from places where water or coffee spills are most likely to occur.