Tips for Child Proofing Your Garden


Even though gardens are fun and relaxing, they still can have safety hazards for young children. Here are some helpful Tips for Child Proofing Your Garden.

Gardens seem to beckon to children to come and explore. And while the garden can be a great place for children to relax and learn, you should still keep some safety precautions in place. If you want to make your garden more child friendly, take a peek below at some helpful tips for child proofing your garden. With a few considerations, you can make your garden a place that is not only beautiful but safe for your child to enjoy as well.

1. Consider going chemical free.

Chemical filled fertilizers, pest repellants, and growth products can cause a hazard to your child. Instead, opt for some all natural solutions. A simple mixture of dish soap and water can fend off pests, while natural ingredients such as egg shells and coffee grounds can help nourish and feed plants. So skip the chemical filled products and use natural solutions that won’t pose a hazard if children play with or ingest them.

2. Use suitable fencing.
You may wish to use fencing around your garden to keep critters. This is a great idea, just be sure the fencing is safe and free from damage. Don’t use materials with any stray nails, wood splinters, or wires, as they could hurt a child who is tempted to climb. If you want to keep the child out of the garden altogether, use a sturdy fence with a proper latch and lock.

3. Be mindful of your water features.
Many people like to include water features in their gardens. If you are one of those people, or even if you have a rain barrel nearby, be sure you are using safety precautions. It only takes a few inches of water for a child to drown, so be sure children are always supervised when they are near water. You also want to use proper coverings on water features so that curious children can’t climb in and explore.

4. Check the toxicity of your plants.
Some plants can be poisonous if ingested. Be sure you check the warnings on all of your plantings to see if they fall into this category. If you have small children, you may wish to skip planting certain varieties. Young children like to put things in their mouths, and since they may see food being picked from the garden, there can easily be confusion. Check the toxicity of all plants prior to planting and rest assured. If you have a flower garden, consider planting some of these edible flowers.

5. Keep gardening tools out of reach.
Pruning shears, shovels, and other gardening tools can all cause a hazard to children. Be sure you put these items away and never leave them out in the garden. Children may wish to play with them resulting in injury. Instead, keep them up high or in a garage out of children’s reach.

The garden can be a fun place to explore and make memories. Keep these tips for child proofing your garden in mind so the experiences can always be safe ones as well.


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