Potholes, obstacles, everywhere……


Potholes, potholes everywhere….I know not what to think.

Here are some interesting sharings from people…..

“I happened to be behind a car while driving a two-wheeler and suddenly encounter a pot hole which I did not notice because of the car – Watch out for pot holes when you travel behind big vehicles”

“While travelling to work, I noticed a lady on a 2-wheeler in front of me who drove into a pot hole and fell down. She did not see the pot hole, since she was too close behind a BMTC bus that was in front of her”

“I was driving my car in the city and slowed down as I was reaching a speed breaker. All of a sudden a two wheeler rider, who was ahead and to the left of my car swerved to the right to avoid a cow that had strayed into the road. Although I braked immediately, I hit the bike from behind. The rider did not fall as I was slow and no damage to either vehicle.  Learning – Be aware of obstacles on the road, and keep safe distance from the vehicle in front”

So what is the learning from all of this? BE ALERT..the potholes and cows aren’t going anywhere!

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