You must know the chemistry of chemicals at home!


Sometimes small things can be derived in bigger way as they are hazardous to health and their impact is really negative on one’s health, aha I guess you got an interest to know what exactly I am referring to, then why don’t you scroll down your button to know more.

Yep, you are at right trail.

Chemicals, aha we are normally using for cleaning purpose like phenol, Collin and other stuffs which they are contained with certain type of chemicals and they are hazardous to the health if we do not follow the safety instructions. Normally, people may believe that if we add large quantity of phenol in water, the floor will glitter like anything, if you have this perception, kindly leave it and use the chemical content products in an appropriate manner. For example; you’ve just about finished a bottle of cleaner but don’t want to throw it out. So you set it aside. Months later, you go back and find that corrosion has begun to develop around the cap and you realize you should put it in the garbage.

Few Guidelines;

  • Read the warning label on the product.
  • More is not better, just more is dangerous.
  • Properly ventilate the area by turning on the fan and opening the windows.
  • Dispose of household and chemical products that are leaking and expired.
  • Never store hazardous chemicals near food.

Wherever you go n you must have “Exit Strategy”


You know how movie theaters always play a message about emergency exits before the film starts? It’s for a reason. At work, at home, on a plane or in a public place…always know where your exits are. It’s seems simple and you don’t let yourself be in a place of safety hazard sample”