Red Flag behaviors to watch for on the road. I have observed several of these behaviors especially tailgating and weaving in and out of traffic (No 1). Changing my behavior in response to these observations probably saved me from getting into an accident.

Red flag behavior_driving


Potholes, obstacles, everywhere……


Potholes, potholes everywhere….I know not what to think.

Here are some interesting sharings from people…..

“I happened to be behind a car while driving a two-wheeler and suddenly encounter a pot hole which I did not notice because of the car – Watch out for pot holes when you travel behind big vehicles”

“While travelling to work, I noticed a lady on a 2-wheeler in front of me who drove into a pot hole and fell down. She did not see the pot hole, since she was too close behind a BMTC bus that was in front of her”

“I was driving my car in the city and slowed down as I was reaching a speed breaker. All of a sudden a two wheeler rider, who was ahead and to the left of my car swerved to the right to avoid a cow that had strayed into the road. Although I braked immediately, I hit the bike from behind. The rider did not fall as I was slow and no damage to either vehicle.¬† Learning – Be aware of obstacles on the road, and keep safe distance from the vehicle in front”

So what is the learning from all of this? BE ALERT..the potholes and cows aren’t going anywhere!

Think before you do – Fire-Spray-Boom-boom


There were innumerable red ants (no idea how and where they came from) in our pooja room. I sprayed an insect repellent to get rid of them, but did not realize that the oil lamp was burning. The spray caught fire, but lasted few seconds. Learning – Never spray insect repellents near burning lamps or gas stoves. It could cause a fire hazard.


Dancing on hot coals


Dancing on hot coals – that is what I would have been doing last night.

Hurry hear hurry there; get my tire fixed, get home, make some ham sandwiches, finish my call, got to run to the shop to buy some hats, got to get there before 8, worried that my car is making funny noises (its going to the service station tomorrow), pick up groceries on the way home… last its all done. Happy to be back home 2 hours later. Get to the kitchen to put the groceries away and my eyes are drawn to the pan that I cooked the ham in….THE GAS WAS STILL BURNING UNDER. Switched it off but my heart had skipped many beats. What had I done!

I don’t want to describe all the horrible thoughts that went through my head…what if this…what if that…

Another hour later and a talk with a friend, I was much calmer. What’s the take home for me? Stop, think, check, be patient with yourself (if you went out the door 5 minutes later it would not be the end of the world) and don’t take on too many things (you can always do one of the things tomorrow). At the end of it all you would be much safer.