Speak up!


Most of us, I’m sure, have started using cabs these days for local travel as we consider them much safer, more private and cheaper than the ridiculous amounts that the rickshaw-wallahs charge, I am one of them.

With so many rape cases being reported all over India, the most recent and shocking one was by an Uber cab driver in Delhi, reportedly a serial sexual offender. Yes, it’s a shame. But does banning Uber solve the problem? We don’t need bans; we need stringent laws, better rules and a thorough background check before hiring a driver.

In these times women need to always be on alert, no matter what mode of transportation we take or what place we are (home, workplace or anywhere else) at any point of the day.

Stay alert while on the streets, make noise when in danger, report any incident (big or small) that bothers your self-respect and womanhood, because the more we report, the more people are aware and more the issue looks serious.

Kids are not spared either, they are more vulnerable than anybody, so be free to have a conversation with your kids about the difference between a good touch and a bad touch, teach them the importance of “No”, and it’s not always the mother’s job to do that!

When in trouble, reach out to someone you trust, take the legal route when needed. You NEED NOT be a victim to speak out or spread the message. Speak out, stand up for yourself and support others who need a voice.

Stay safe.