Painting it right


All around us we see a lot of construction going on, most often high raise buildings which need to be painted. We often see the painters sitting on the ledge, or a ladder and trying to reach out to paint. I was impressed with this painter who was seated comfortably on a platform, he also had a makeshift harness to prevent him from falling. He was helped by his co-worker who was controlling the harness (not seen in the picture).

house painting

This is one level of safety but it can certainly go a next level with use of appropriate PPE and an actual safety harness.

Acrobatics on a two wheeler


Safety on a two wheeler is all about using a helmet and ensuring that the pillion is holding on to the side handle for support. Children should not use the seat as a pommel horse, there are better arenas to exhibit talent. Do not invite trouble to yourself and others using the road. Protect our children and keep them safe, they are our future.


The balancing act


There is so much construction going on these days and this is a very common sight we come across. Is it safe? Fixing glass panes and no safety harness, standing precariously on the bamboo logs not knowing where the next step is going to be. One wrong step and the fall would prove costly by the height as well as the glass pieces.Practice safety at all heights.



Insect repellents are inflammable, DO NOT SPRAY NEAR A FLAME


Insect repellents are used day in and day out to keep bite injuries, diseases and other hazards at bay. They are so simple to use -Open the nozzle and spray at the affected area. Is that all it takes, NO! In addition to use of PPE like mask, gloves etc., here is another important watchout!

A shocking incident happened on 13th May 2011 in Pune. The lady observed some cockroaches near the gas stove and grabbed a can of insect repellent kept near the sink and sprayed it near the gas stove, which was on. It instantly resulted in a big fire and the lady lost her life. Her husband received serious burn injuries while trying to rescue his wife.

Last week, our pooja room was full of red ants and in a frenzy to get rid of them I used a repellent. Since the lamp was burning, a sudden fire was created. As the spray was minute, the fire doused by itself and fortunately there was no mishap. We do read the warnings available on the cans but please remember it and act with a presence of mind.

Pressurized cans of insect repellents, deodorant etc have highly volatile and inflammable solvents for expelling insecticide or perfume in atomized condition. The atomized spray particles spread rapidly and one spark is enough to ignite this highly flammable material in air.

Take Care… Be Aware! Spread the word – you could save lives!

The power of email


National or International travel, be it for business or holiday seems to have become a norm. As you start planning a number of lists are prepared – Things to do, Things to take and so on. Is the list complete? Well! I would say “Without Safety no list is complete” There are many aspects of safety one has to take care of while on travel starting from tickets, passport, credit cards, health. Let us start with the most important document while on international travel – Passport. What if you lose/misplace your passport in a foreign country and you are unaware of the loss? What could have been done?

A business traveler had forgotten his passport at the ticketing counter while at the USA. The person at the counter noticed this after about 20 minutes, went outside in search of the passenger but in vain. He was wondering how to contact this person as the passport had numerous visa stampings on it and all from different countries. Finally, he found a mail ID on one of the pages and sent a short message with a phone number. The passenger turned up half an hour later, profoundly grateful as he was blissfully unaware that his passport was missing! While checking his mail in the cab he read the mail turned the cab around and went back to the airport to collect it. He was at the US for only a week as his work place is Japan. The address would not have helped as time was short. Slipping in the mail ID in the passport was the savior for this traveler. An email could be accessed from anywhere in the world at any point in time. A simple solution. Do this right away! You never know when this will come in handy. Happy Travel! (As shared by Rohini Mattoo).

Use medicines with care


All of us have the habit of stocking up medicines to be able to use them during an emergency. When we actually use them, do we pay enough attention to the expiry date and directions for use. Read on for a true life story (shared by my friend) of how a small slip proved costly.

Eshwarappa returned home after a hard days work complaining of severe pain in the leg. His son Somu pulled out a pain balm that was at home, applied it copiously and massaged his father’s legs for a long time. Little did he imagine how it would change his whole future. A few hours later Eshwarappa was screaming in more pain. Skin on his leg had turned dark. He was rushed to the hospital where the doctor diagnosed it as an infection gradually turning to gangrene. Eshwarappa being diabetic complicated the issue further. An amputation was inevitable to save Eshwarappa’s life (Names changed to maintain anonymity). Had Somu checked for the expiry date and read the instructions for application the situation would have been different. Pain balms should never be rubbed into the skin. They should be massaged gently for a couple of minutes till it disappears.


Be aware of the medical condition of your near and dear ones. Ensure to check the expiry date and the instructions for use to avoid health hazards or even losing a life.



An opportunity to walk on a footpath in the busy streets of Bangalore is a blessing. Well, Think again! Would you want to walk on a footpath where a tragedy is waiting to happen? In the accompanying photograph taken on 31st Oct only 200 mts from MS Ramiah Hospital, there is a big gap staring at you.


This is barely noticeable during the night in the dimly lit streets, specially so if you are preoccupied on the phone or looking around. Even before you know, you are at the bottom. If this happens where the floating population is thin you could even go unnoticed for hours. What could happen after this you can imagine!

Be alert, Be aware, Danger lurks everywhere.