Monsanto Information Security Guidelines








Guidelines for Safe Handling of Data

  1. Do not open an email or click a link from parties you don’t know
  2. Secure your devices with a password
  3. Use only Monsanto-authorized services
  4. Don’t view, save, or share data you are not authorized to access
  5. Do not store important information on your devices.
  6. Physically secure your computer, mobile device, and documents
  7. Properly dispose off documents containing important data
  8. Contact ISO (Information Security Office) for any difficulties

Guidelines for Securing Mobile Devices

  1. Always lock your device
  2. Do not jailbreak or root your device
  3. Limit storing personal or sensitive information
  4. Use only approved Cloud storage services
  5. Keep your personal devices up-to-date
  6. Contact local help desk or the ISO as soon as your Monsanto-managed device is missing