Most Common Causes of Road Accidents:


Maximum number of road accidents could have been prevented. Most of the automobile accident causes may seem obvious and redundant to experienced drivers. This list aims to educate all levels of drivers, from the teenage driver who just started driving, to the senior driver who have more years of experience in driving. 

Let our Top Causes of Automobile Accidents be your guide towards a lifetime of automobile accident prevention anywhere in the world.
The following are the most common causes of road accidents:
1. Distracted Driving
2. Speeding
3. Drunk Driving
4. Reckless Driving
5. Rain
6. Running Red Lights
7. Running Stop Signs
8. Teenage Drivers
9. Night Driving
10. Design Defects
11. Unsafe Lane Changes
12. Wrong-Way Driving
13. Improper Turns
14. Tailgating
15. Driving Under the Influence of Drugs
16. Road Rage
17. Potholes
18. Drowsy Driving
19. Tire Blowouts
20. Deadly Curves
21. Animal Crossings
22. Street Racing
Each and every person who is already a driving license holder, and also who is going to drive should understand the above causes for road accidents. Each one of us should take necessary steps and understand that the Rules are made for ourselves to make our life simple and safe, if we do not follow its going put our lives and other road user’s life in danger. So follow traffic rules to make an accident free happy world.

Vehicle Safety


Kids please listen to your parents when they say “don’t litter the car”. Water bottle that was left in the back seat rolled to the front and got lodged under the brake pedal.  Share this with your kids and tell them what could happen with a small carelessness.