Tributes & Salutes – Have you done it already?


We always hear stories about traffic cops doing something that they should have avoided doing. But, do we realize the kind of effective measures they take to keep all of us safe day in and day out?

They deserve many more tributes & salutes for efforts they put in to keep all of us SAFE.

Here is my tribute & salute for keeping us safe on the road. It was yesterday, on my way back home when i saw huge traffic jam at one of the junctions. There were couple of cops who were trying to clear it and I realized how we all behave at their instructions! (Oh my Discipline……long way to go!!)

With all the chaos, they were still focused on making way for pedestrians, ambulance & all other vehicles. They were breathing polluted air and hearing all our honking and bad words (for not letting us go first!)…I strongly feel, they deserve a minimum courtesy of stopping our vehicle, when they request us to do.

Join me in thanking Traffic cops & showing our courtesy for all the great work they do to save our life & make us feel safe on  the road.

Traffic-Policesource of the image: Google image


Safety Festival: Celebrate & Sustain!


You might be wondering what do I mean by safety festival right. Yes, you are hearing me on a concept, which as a company we care most – SAFETY. We celebrated our safety culture by having a festival feel @ our office.


We had seven safety themes (Road, Environment, Kids, Home, Women, Medical & Mobile) & key messages exhibited (reminded us student exhibitions!)


All of us had lots of fun, while learning more about safety @office, @home, @road etc.


Feel free to adopt this model to bring in safety culture @ your home, office etc. Let me know if you have adopted other models to bring in the same.

“Presence of Mind” EVEN when in “Deep Sleep”


@ Early morning 4 AM, we heard somebody climbing on safety grill of our house. Immediate reaction was “Very Nervous” & “Increased Heart Beat”!!! (just to give you perspective, our house is in a lonely locality & not many houses around us at this point in time).

What went well: We switched on all the lights & waited for 10 minute. We are not sure of root-cause of grill sound, but, our alertness to put lights on helped.

Learning: When such things happens, you will feel nervous, don’t worry, take immediate actions to mitigate further risk.