Child Helmets are available!: Choose one for your little one!



We get so used to some things around us ‘simply because it has always been so’, that we don’t think twice about it unless a ‘foreigner’ or a ‘PK’ helps us ‘see’ it. In this case, my cousin’s daughter Seema and her husband Deepak, who moved back to Bangalore after several years in the UK, opened my eyes to an opportunity we have, to protect our little ones when we take them to a school round the corner or a quick shopping trip. When Deepak’s family dropped by on their convenient two-wheeler to pick up some Christmas cards, I was surprised to see a helmet in each of their hands as they walked in- one for the driver, one for the pillion and lo and behold- one for the little one! It was the first time I was seeing a child helmet and was surprised to hear that it is easily available! Hope those of you who have young ones that you drop off to school or take around locally will use this valuable child safety helmet. Seema and Deepak can’t even imagine how they could wear a safety helmet and be safe while exposing their precious child Rishabh to unsafe conditions without a helmet, and rightly so! Thanks Deepak, Seema and Rishabh for being great safety champions and driving home this ‘common sense’ best practice message!

Note: In the photo, Deepak is yet to fasten his helmet buckle properly- they were concentrating on taking the child helmet photo.


First Aid: A Primal Instinct?


What a heartwarming read… Puts me to shame as I have attended two first-aid training sessions and yet I am not sure I’d be confident enough to deal with a life threatening situation like this with success. Truly Inspiring!

“Primate performs textbook first aid moves to save stricken friend”

“Hero monkey spends 20 minutes resuscitating his friend after he is knocked out by electric rails… and SAVES him before train pulls in”.

People at a railway station in India witnessed a moving scene as a monkey saved a primate friend after it suffered an electric shock and lost consciousness on the tracks. In an act that would do paramedics proud, the hero tried to resuscitate his friend using all emergency measures – slapping, biting and dipping into water –until the patient started showing signs of life. The life-affirming scene was captured on video by an onlooker at the station



As I was traveling to work today I saw two scooterists hanging their helmets on their hand like a handbag while driving and one scooterist had not buckled his helmet. It was apparent they were trying to avoid a fine rather than be safe! Its sad that these folks donot consider the VALUE of wearing a properly buckled helmet. Here’s my attempt to be ‘loud’ with the message to BE SAFE,- in a pictorial manner. Please share this with your friends and family and lets together create an awareness in our own small way. Thanks for your support!

Take Care Be Safe- Wear Your Helmet and Buckle it!
Take Care Be Safe- Wear Your Helmet and Buckle it!



To many of us who have traveled or lived abroad its a familiar sight to see a “Baby on Board!” sign on a car- a black on yellow print, often suctioned to the back window of a vehicle to inform other motorists that you’re traveling with a child. Its a popular gift to young parents and a common gift for baby showers. Young parents like to use the sign because their vehicle is carrying a precious, young life and they want fellow drivers to watch out and be careful while driving so they don’t swerve or ram into the back of their vehicle. In the west, a baby on board sign is very useful and informs EMS, fire or police about the presence of a child on board. I haven’t seen this sign very much in India but would like to share a car bumper sticker that my daughter (founder of SomethingSketchy) designed and is just released. Its so cute and I am sure you will love it- specially young parents and those looking for gifts for young parents! At Rs150 its a steal and is available from this link: Available at . Simply Awesome, I love it!

Baby on Board! Drive carefully!
Baby on Board! Be safe on the Road!