Carrying tyres on the back of his bike is NOT going to cushion his fall!


Anu pictures_Feb 2015 334When I see such “sights” in front of me, I slow down. I have to make sure that the driver of the bike with the tyres (British spelling) piled up behind him is at a safe distance. A little wobble here and a little wobble there and he can be under the wheels of a large vehicle.


The helmet story is back……..



This is another example of how helmet has saved a person’s life. Last Wednesday evening, my friend, on her two-wheeler turned right at a green signal. 2 guys on bikes, racing each other at high speed hit her vehicle. The impact was such that she was thrown off her two-wheeler on to the busy road. Her head hit the road and she was unconscious for some time. Her buckled helmet took most of the brunt and she suffered bruises on her face, shoulder and knees (a little deep ones near her right eye and jaw). The doctor re-iterated that she was saved because of the helmet (not just wearing, but buckling up as well).

God helps those who help themselves

Veneration of vehicles as part of Ayudha Puja

Veneration of vehicles as part of Ayudha Puja

As a part of Ayudha Puja during Navratri, we observe veneration of all vehicles including bikes and cars. We believe that a divine force will be working behind it to perform well and we will be always safe. The divine force does its part but we forget ours. Remember, God helps those who help themselves. We can help ourselves by wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) properly. In the case of bikes and cars, those PPEs are helmets and seat belts. Never ever forget to wear helmet while riding a bike and a seat belt while driving a car.




Drinking: While this goes under the “common sense” rule, it still must be said, DON’T SIT YOUR DRINK DOWN ANYWHERE! A lot of times people are to trusting within their surrounding and tend to put their drink down where anyone can get to it, keep your drink with you. Even if you have to go to the bathroom, either take it with your or give it to a close friend of yours. Whatever you do, don’t leave your drink at a table and then come back to it. While New Year’s Eve is super fun it’s also super dangerous when it comes to someone spiking your drink while it’s unattended. When you are popping champagne bottles, aim the cork away from people. This may sound funny, however; it’s a serious issue, it’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye!


Driving: Whatever you do this New Year’s Eve, DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE! Even if you’ve had only a couple of drinks, have a designated driver to drive you around. You many think that you’re not that “buzzed up”, however you’re wrong! To avoid problems with accidents and the law, have someone “sober” drive for you. This doesn’t count if your designated driver had drinks along with you; make sure your driver is alcohol free for the night.


Public Events: Being that it’s New Year’s Eve I’m sure you’re going to want to attend all of the parties and New Year’s festivities. When attending these events, beware of your surroundings at all times! This is extremely important since you may be drinking around tons of people you don’t know in a place you’ve probably never been. Never go to these types of places by yourself. This doesn’t just go for women it also goes for men! When at public events make sure you have a communication device such as cell phone or laptop just in case anything negative occurs. Be prepared!


Friends: If you plan on going anywhere for the New Year’s Eve holiday, take friends with you! When going to any type of party or function, don’t go alone! This is really important when it comes to females going out, always stay in groups!